Joe Dolan Tribute

Paschal Brennan

PASCHAL BRENNAN makes a fantastic tribute to the late, great Joe Dolan.

Paschal has been singing almost as long as he can remember. He was first a boy soprano, coached by the late Claire O’Byrne from Court Devinish and later went on to front his own band, Paschal Brennan and the Shannon Breeze. He and his band have now been together for over thirty years. In 1989 he released his first album entitled Only You which proved a successful seller both in Ireland and the UK. On August 8th 2004, Paschal released his second album, Heart Strings.

Performing with full show-band line-up Paschal’s voice will really impress you; if you need convincing just play the clips below.

Video clips of Paschal performing

MP3 samples of Paschal performing

Paschal Brennan – It’s You It’s You
Paschal Brennan – Make Me An Island
Paschal Brennan – You’re Such A Good Looking Woman