James Huish

JAMES HUISH performs his MICHAEL BUBLE TRIBUTE SHOW. Considered less of a tribute, more a re-enactment and direct replication of the man himself; to be hailed as very close sound-alike is not enough for James. All will agree that James is a great representative and ambassador for Michael Buble, and that he has earned the right to perform this amazing, exhilarating show of such fabulous songs.

James Huish has grown as an artist through years singing in workings men’s clubs and smokey lounges, weddings, corporate events and even musicals, all of which have really honed his performance skills.

His view is, “You have to connect with the audience, that’s what it’s all about, being on stage and entertaining people. My inspiration, like Michael Buble’s, comes in many forms. From artistes like Elvis Presley, Ella Fitzgerald, Dean Martin, Bobby Darin and Sammy Davis Jnr. They acted, they sang and they danced and they made people laugh. They were entertainers. Buble was so right, when he said that it’s a lost art now.”

James can appear solo with backing tracks, or with his nine piece band.

James Huish band

James Huish and band

Video clip of JAMES HUISH performing