Don de Gouvea

“An evening of total escapism.”

For the last sixteen years DON DE GOUVEA has been bringing his unique style to the art of stage hypnosis. Capacity audiences all over Ireland have witnessed his fast moving, unusual and hilarious shows.

He gets straight to work, with his willing volunteers and what follows speaks for itself in terms of humour and amazing feats.

He invokes vistas of operating tables, school rooms, horse races, boxing rings and night clubs, to mention but a few. His volunteers undoubtedly, are made the stars of the evening. Many are amazed to produce talented performances that have been lying dormant within themselves. It is not unusual for a lady to find herself being beseeched in Chinese by her husband and then having to respond!

At the end of the show all of the volunteers are returned to normal, so there will be nobody visiting the Post Office trying to license their leprechaun the next day!